''All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts.'' William Shakespeare


This collaborative project draws on the portrayal of authority in King Lear, Lear-ing orchestrates and exerts a power over a live stage while concurrently questioning todays political system.


Stage: Outside the Globe Theatre, London.

Actors: General Public

Writers/Producers: Designers and General Public

Costume Designers: Local Workers

We documented a series of experiments and models carried out to fully understand the architectures, users and multiple uses of the outside space. The live performance inconspicuously manipulates the general public in playing an active role in this interpretation of King Lear. By becoming architects of the space through adopting a variety of roles, the performers manage to choreograph a play unbeknown to the population of the dynamic living stage. Although intervening with the general public, the performance is aimed to be a somewhat private spectacle for a selected audience. Unlike with 'normal' theatre plays not all could be planned and practiced, the outcome was unrehearsed and a surprise.


In collaboration with James Barclay, Tianna Greham, Tae Kim, Josie Beardsmore, Ines Torgal Ferreira, Lia Economou, Maria Der, Hannah Cochrane, Conner Eastwood and Will Aracha Rojanasingsawad.

Lanyards designed to be used as props for the 'actors', playing the role of a cast crew filming for 'GoTV'.

The select audience connected via a phone call, each hearing a live narration of the events. 

Simple interactive model used to understand the users and how the space is used. A new model was made every 15 minutes and photographed.

We borrowed everyday items from the local people, using them as 'props' to blend into the background.

I was part of the actors for GoTV, playing the role of a sound assistant.  

Simple and quick model making to understand the space and its potential.

A screenshot taken of the space from Google Maps.

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